Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last night we went grocery shopping and we spent too much for one week. Granted, some of it will last longer than a week and DH was out of both body wash and shampoo so he bought 2 of each.

Walmart: $11.58
Whole Foods: $80.74

Total so Far: $92.32

Next week should be pretty cheap, though. I'll try to stick to $50 or less and that will put me roughly on target for the month. I'm using a casserole from the freezer and more squash from the closet (it said cool & dark location, ok? Not my choice. haha).

Improvements to our Food this Trip
As for why our Whole Foods bill was so high yesterday, here's the lowdown (funny how improvements and increased expenses always seem hand-in-hand. sad.):

$12.50 to replenish 3 spices I was running low on. I won't have to buy those for probably a year now. These are higher quality spices so I am excited.
$7.99 for 12oz of real maple syrup, which is not a normal expense (but sadly, after tasting it, it probably will become a normal one!). I wanted to try it and it was called for in the recipe I used for granola. real maple syrup is a healthier alternative to refined sugar so I am excited about this new option, even if it is expensive.
$18 for 3lbs of my first real beef. It's really good and I like knowing that it doesn't have nasties in it. hopefully they will have another sale soon and I can make what we have last until then. I'm also going to check out a farmer's market nearby and see what their prices are like.
Half went to a splurge on burgers (which we never have) and it made 4 burgers so two meals. The other half I cooked up and froze right away last night so I would be sure not to waste it. Some of it wound up in the spaghetti sauce, but I have enough for probably 4-6 more meals.
$6 for OV cream to use for the last couple slices of pumpkin pie we have! Yum!
$10 for ingredients to use in my granola (not counting the syrup).

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