Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I made granola this past weekend and I keep meaning to post about it, but haven't had time! Too busy cooking. :)

First off, I made cinnamon apple granola, the recipe for which I got here.

Secondly, it tastes fantastic.

Thirdly, buy your own pre-dried apples! Drying them in the oven takes ages.

And finally, how much did it cost me?

$2.41 -- Almonds -- 2/3 used = $1.61
$7.99 -- Maple Syrup -- 1/4 = $2.00
$4.77 -- Honey Crisp Apples -- 1/3 = $1.59
$1.79 -- Puffed Rice cereal -- 1/3 = $0.60
$1.69 -- Sunflower Seeds -- 1/6 = $0.28
$1.29 -- whole rolled oats -- 5/6 = $1.08
$1.69 -- Apple Sauce -- 13/100 = $0.22
$0.20 -- Various spices
$1.00 -- Electricity

So, my grand total was $8.58.

I got about a quart of awesome granola. that's pretty cheap compared to buying pre-made stuff. Plus, I got to control sugar, fat, etc. I got to make it my own with stuff I like.

I've never made granola and it was lots of fun. I bet it would be a fun project with kids because it's fairly easy and the results are delicious!


  1. Hi Mary,

    My wife and I stayed at a bed and breakfast with wonderful homemade granola. I may beg my wife to try this. Great job on the cost breakdown (especially including an electricity estimate! You've highlighted the biggest benefit of homemade food as well: YOU KNOW WHAT IS IN IT! Great work :)


  2. Thanks for the comment! (stay a while)

    I must confess, I didn't actually calculate how much electric it was (although I have before), I threw on a dollar to make sure I wasn't just ignoring that cost.

    I do love making my own food for just that reason. I don't have to worry about what new possibly carcinogenic preservative is being put into my food, because I picked all the ingredients myself!

    Also, I would suggest bribery, not begging. I bet she would do it for some extra pampering. :)

    PS, The granola is really good in yogurt.