Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dinner, Pumpkin Pie Cont'd, and Vertigo

For dinner we had a casserole from the freezer: Chicken Broccoli Bake. Rather little effort involved. Which is good because I feel like crap today. It tasted good and we have lunch for tomorrow now.

Mmmhhmmm, the pumpkin pie was super-tasty. It didn't quite set all the way, but it definitely gelled enough to cut and serve. It just sort of slumped over once it hit the plate like a tired cat flopping down on the grass.

But it was tasty. I bet if I had used cream it would have set better, but I didn't have any. If I had possessed any tapioca or other thickener I would have used it but oh well. I am pretty happy with it.

DH had a bad day at work and so forgot to get the cream, but it was good without it.

With all my leftover pumpkin pulp I am going to make pumpkin muffins and possible pumpkin bread. I'll probably make the bread since I don't have a muffin tin and then freeze some of the pulp for later baking adventures.

Vertigo = not fun.
Vertigo = can't think.
Vertigo = going to bed stupidly early because can't do anything else.
Vertigo = destroyer of productivity.

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