Saturday, October 2, 2010



I had no time to prepare a monthly menu plan. Plus, I didn't even want to. Finally, I decided to do another week of cleaning out the freezer / pantry, so when I finally made my menu plan, I deliberately only made it for one week and I tried to incorporate as many pantry / freezer items as possible to make sure I am not letting anything go to waste that way. After the sad tortillas in the freezer, I was reminded that stuff in the freezer doesn't actually last forever. Eek.

So, here's what we've spent so far, approximately. There are some very non-food items in here this time around because... I don't know where else to put them. They may wind up getting taken out of our surplus at the end of the month instead of our grocery / household budget. but for now, they are here.

$22 for my Temps -- WOOHOO. (You have no idea how excited I am). Now I can finally start driving and hopefully still make my goal of getting my license before winter. Cross your fingers for me!

$30-ish (can't find receipt at the moment) for a cooling pad for each of our laptops. That's $30 total, not per.

$62.66 @ Walmart -- The filters for our faucet water filter were on sale, so we bought two 2-packs, saving about $4 per filter! Normal price per, $16 and change, price for 2-pack, $24.48. Total savings, $66 - $49 = $17!! Plus, now we have water filters for probably close to a year, as each one lasts about 3 months. We also bought a small cooler for an experiment into the realm of yogurt-making! Hubby is skeptical, my only concern is that I don't want the cooler to melt! We opted to pass the $3 styrofoam ones for the $10 plastic one, hoping it will withstand the temps.

$20.20 @ Whole Foods -- We actually spent almost $30, but $10 of that was for the organic milk and yogurt which was most definitely coming out of last month's budget, I just could never make time to go get it what with life's general insanity.

So all told so far, we've spent about $133, but very little on food. But we have a lot of food already so, we'll be fine.

I'm just stoked to have milk again! :)

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