Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feelin' Smug

Edit: I would like to make sure that everyone who reads this knows that I'm not "feelin' smug" because I think I'm better than someone else. I'm feeling smug because I am proud of the progress we've made and the good choices we continue to make.

We've been doing so well lately with our finances. Plus with my raise and us not really expanding our expenses much compared to the raise, it's going super.

Last month we paid about $1400 toward our student loans, but I figured it was just because we hadn't really been paying extra much over the past few months and we had several months of surplus saved up... Turns out, maybe not.

Looking at this month's budget, almost all our bills are paid already, we still have two pay periods left this month, which means next month's bills are covered, and we will probably again be making a payment of over $1,000 this month! Exciting, isn't it?

Well I am excited! If (I realize that's a big if with the holidays approaching), but if we can keep up with this level of intensity, we will be roughly paid down in 40 months, which is 3.5-ish years. Considering we started with nothing, and what we have, we've earned, I feel pretty good about this. The other half of my brain says it's not fast enough, but I try to tell that half to shut the hell up, lol. I do kind of doubt we'll be able to maintain this intensity, though. But we shall see.

I still regret sometimes getting the infernal student loans to begin with, but I am correcting it as best I know how. What I did in foolish lack of planning to begin with, I am making up for now with double the planning, (double the fun! haha), double the restraint (with double-mint gum!) with our finances.

What about you? Do you think student loans are a necessary evil? Or is it possible to avoid them? Do you regret ignorantly (or knowingly) signing off on wearing this horrible ball and chain of debt?

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