Friday, October 29, 2010

Food Waste Friday

My Food Waste

This was not such a good week.

1 meal's worth of bean soup from the freezer. I really tried to eat it all. I just didn't happen.
a couple tablespoons of canned jalapeƱos from... a long time ago.
a cup and a half of ground beef from the freezer that got freezer burned (I think. It tasted awful).
some frozen celery
If I don't think of a use soon, some of that bland squash soup will also be thrown away. I used a good bit of it--snuck it into the chili I made--but still have several cups leftover.

Oh well. Considering how I've have craptastic vertigo on and off all week, I don't consider this loss too much. I will be sad if I don't get off my bum and use up some of the peppers I have in my fridge: a poblano and a habanero. Yum.

What about you? Do you track your food waste?


  1. Oy, sorry to hear about that bean soup. And the beef! Next week will be better, hopefully most of all for your vertigo. Hope you feel better.

    I'd try to sneak that squash soup into some pasta sauce. ;)

  2. Not a bad idea, Leigh Ann! Yeah I was pretty sad about the beef. Plus I discovered it while I was making dinner (chili) so then I had to try and find something else to put in it and it just wasn't the same. Oh well.

    Thanks for the comment and the well-wishes. So far today is vertigo-free, hurrah.