Thursday, September 30, 2010


So, I ordered a menstrual cup and it came just in the nick of time for my period this time around. It seemed fine. The instructions were simple, the process worked easily, everything should have been good.

Except that it sucked. The first day it leaked a bit, but I think that's my fault. It also kept jarring loose every time I sat down because it would jam the stem into the cup and move the cup out of it's niche. UGH.

So I shortened the stem a bit--not too much--to see if that would help. It did and it didn't.

It helped the leaking, but then it hurt ALL THE TIME. Almost every time I sat down it stabbed me. Ick.

So I started reading forums, trying to find some relief. And last night, I found it! I tested turning the cup inside out to see if having no stem would stop the discomfort. I left it in like that all night and the rest of the day and now, my experience matches all the rave reviews I was reading! I don't know if I just have a short vagina or a low cervix or what, but no stem was the way to go. Now that I know it's much more comfortable like this, I have some hope.

I'm thinking about returning it though, because I accidentally ordered latex and I meant to order silicone. At least I know it actually is a feasible option for me. I just have to use it without the stem. Which is weird because on the mfr. website, it said, under no circumstances, were you supposed to cut all of the stem off. But it's SO MUCH more comfy! I can hardly feel I'm wearing it! And taking it out is a cinch so the main function of the stem seems unnecessary for me.

What do you think? Should I return this one and try a different brand? should I void my return policy by chopping off the whole stem and run with it? Have any of you used a menstrual cup and have any advice on how to keep the stem from poking so hard?


  1. Hello Mary,
    Stumbled this way in a round about fashion via Damn's blog, hope that don't mind if I tag along a while?

  2. Not at all! My posts are rather random, tho. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by. I just found Damn's blog and I em thoroughly enjoying it.