Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Groceries Update

This was... probably a week ago, but I bought about $20 of misc veggies. This puts me at a total of about $222 for the month. This week I am bound and determined to use up a bunch of stuff from our freezer / pantry, but (sadness:) it's been hard because we have been so exhausted this week.

I've used almost all of them up, too, which is good because--I saw all of the beautiful fresh veggies and I went a tad overboard. :)

But they were SO good.

I used up the last box-kit of tuna helper!!! that leaves only 2 "helper" kits left to use up and then I will be ALL DONE with them for forever. I already have a great-tasting homemade version of tuna helper, and am working on, but haven't tried yet, a homemade version of hamburger helper. I am so sick of "insta-food" that really isn't food at all.

I still haven't gotten my organic milk yet! The store I went to that said they had it didn't. So I called a different store and they said they have it, but I haven't had time yet to go get some. Even if I don't manage to get their till October, I will still be buying my first organic milk from this month's budget, because I have some left and that is specifically what I was saving it for!

More Happiness
I also want to buy some organic yogurt so that I can have a "starter" to make my own yogurt. That way, so long as i keep a little aside each time, we can have cheap(er) organic yogurt without the huge sticker price!

Ok, ok, enough ramblings about organic this and grocery that--off to finish my PowerPoint for my presentation tomorrow. Ick. I hate boring meetings--especially when I'm the one leading them.

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