Friday, September 10, 2010

Food Waste Friday

My Food Waste
Arrgh, I just remembered, I wasted about 1/2 cup of ww pasta from my fridge. I was all excited to use it up and when I got it out it was all slimy. Eeeww.

Even still, Hurray! I almost wasted several more things, but I either ate them up real quick, or stuck them in the freezer for later. I am really proud of myself for this week because I was sick and miserable and I still worked really hard not to waste anything--and I did really well!!

Later I will post how my Green Pepper Soup turns out. Since my hubby fell asleep after a frustrating day at work, I decided I would try to get some cooking done now so that this week won't be as hectic. I'm also making whole wheat tortillas--YUM.

Also, today we celebrated my first bigger paycheck by going out to eat at Olive Garden--it was so much fun to go on a date!

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