Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This is me NOT posting about work

I am so very angry from work today. But instead of getting myself all worked up AGAIN from it, I'm going to talk about the delicious dinner I made. I'm beginning to realize that I truly enjoy cooking. It's how I unwind from a crappy day; It's what I do for fun when I'm bored; It's also what I do when I need to feel productive on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It's kind of like a cure-all (or a drug, not sure, haha).

First of all, you know a recipe is good when you can leave out a bunch of stuff, realize after eating half of it, and then realize you don't really care, because it's still so, so good.

I borrowed a Meatless Meals idea from Budget Confessions, called Black Bean Tostadas. After tonight, I think it should be renamed to "Impossible-to-Screw-Up Deliciousness," although maybe that's a bit wordy. I left out the onion, and the lime.

I must have been even more tired than I thought I was when I got home from work, I rarely just blatantly fail at following a recipe. I'll change it on purpose, but not usually on accident.

Anyway, I have enough leftover for our lunch tomorrow, so I went ahead and added the onion and lime so I can get a proper feel for what this tastes like. But regardless, know that if you don't have all of the ingredients on hand, you totally can still make this. And if you haven't tried it yet, you should. Like now.


  1. LOL! You crack me up. I'll take "Impossible-to-Screw-Up-Deliciousness," even if it is a bit wordy. :-) I'm glad you liked the tostadas. We love them!

  2. I am very much a fan. I am adding it to my meal rotation (yeah right, like I'm actually that organized) for sure. Anyway, it was awesome. And my husband LOVED it even though it didn't have meat. I think me and my vegetable-loving self may actually be wearing off on him. Cool.