Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finding the Good in Today

Today was another abysmal day with respect to work and school, but once again, I am trying to focus on the good so I don't go crazy. Making myself acknowledge all the things going right in my life really helps me keep life in perspective.

Things I am Grateful For
  • I have a job for which i get paid. In this economy I realize not everyone is that lucky.
  • A perk for being in my job is free tuition for me and my husband. This is a HUGE perk, even if I have to jump through 5,000 hoops every semester to get it. 5,000 hoops = cheaper than $5,000.
  • I got to eat tasty food 3 times today.
  • Even though I am not, my boss is ok with the progress I am making on my projects. He's been trying extra hard lately to be affirming I think.
  • I have a hubby who loves me and tries really hard to take care of me. And he does a good job. (yay!)
  • I have friends coming into town tomorrow night!
  • I get to go see some awesome fireworks on Sunday FOR FREE!
  • I get to work from home tomorrow which will hopefully way lower my stress levels and help me to kick this project I'm stuck on.
  • I met with my unofficial small group for the second time today and it was a pleasantly surprising experience.
  • I got to talk to my mom and it was fun.

Yup, life is good. Life is good.

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