Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 16

For those of you just joining me, you can find my first post in this series here. Basically, I am on a 1 month journey to perfect better posture!

Well hello there,

I officially am sick of working on my posture. I am sticking it out, but it's really hard. My muscles just don't like it one bit. They would much rather do what they're used to doing--nothing!

I didn't do so good over the weekend, but I did alright. I think I need to put up some post-it notes to remind me to continue to sit / stand up straight during all these different times because otherwise I forget. Also, sitting up straight all through church really hurt! I don't know why though. Maybe I need to start stretching / exercising my back muscles a little bit every night to help with this project...

It's time for a new goal!

Goal 06: Sit up straight while blogging (ha!). (I am currently slouching as I type this)
Goal 6.5: sit up straight from 9am to 10am at work (expanding on goal 2.5).

Let's review my other goals so far:

Goal 01: Sit up straight while eating breakfast.
Goal 02: Stand up straight while brushing my hair and teeth.
Goal 2.5: Sit / Stand up straight at work from 9:00am to 9:30am.
Goal 03: Sit up straight during lunch.
Goal 04: Sit up straight during dinner.
Goal 05: Stand up straight while cooking dinner / doing chores.
Goal 5.5: Sit / stand up straight during church / chapel.

So, that's that. My muscles are so not happy with this project. I'm half done, I can do this.

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