Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 4

Why am I counting days and what are these random goals? Click here to find out!

Today is day 4 and you know what that means: A new posture goal!

Goal 2 is to stand up straight while I brush my hair and teeth every day. This goal is two-fold because, for whatever reason, I've fallen out of the habit of brushing my teeth everyday. Today that stops. Also, instead of hunching over the sink while I brush or standing on one foot (don't ask), I'm going to focus on correct posture while I do these things.

That was going to be my only goal for today, but since I'm doing so well, and because I've already started standing up straight while brushing my hair, I'm going to add to it this new goal: Sit up straight at work in between 9am and 9:30am. A half an hour at work seems like an age, however, so while I am excited this is going well, I don't want to add too much at once and fall on my face. So we are still taking it slow.

I accomplished Goal 1 today, so let's see if I can do the same with Goal 2!

How are you doing with your goals? What are you striving towards? Have you decided to join me in my fight for better posture?

PS. The reason I didn't post how I did on my goals for this project yesterday is because I have a cascade of projects due at work on this Friday and have been busting my butt to get them all done. I wouldn't even be posting now except that I had already written this post over the weekend.

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