Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 1

Today marks the first day of my new Self Improvement Project (SIP)

Plan for Improving my Posture.

My first goal I actually just accomplished: Sit up straight while eating breakfast.

I can tell you, My back feels so much than it usually does in the morning. Usually by the time I finish breakfast, my back still hasn't recovered from sleep-induced stiffness and I trudge off to the shower hoping it will help. My back still hurts some, but it doesn't feel as bad as normal.

I will be sitting up straight while I eat breakfast for 2 more days before adding another goal, so stop by on November 10th to see my next goal!

Even though I've completed my goal for today, I am still sitting up straight while I type this. I'm sure it won't last to lunchtime, but here's to a great start for this SIP!


  1. Thanks --this reminded me to work toward my desired healthy habits! Actually, the habit I'm trying to cultivate is to hold in my stomach (lower abdomen). I read recently that holding in the abs helps improve posture too.

  2. Cool, maybe I will work that into one of my daily goals for this project! Thanks for the tip, and feel free to stick around and read/join in with the rest of my journey to better posture.