Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Trimmings

Well, today is another sort of "catch-all" day for what I've been thinking "I should post about that," but haven't made time for.

One of those things is a quick update on my goals.

My SCOBY is growing nicely and should be ready to start culturing its first batch of kombucha by the weekend! I'm so excited. If this works I'll be saving us a lot of money. As soon we tried it we became hooked, but at $3.50 per 16oz bottle, it's been one of my budget-busters for several weeks.

I've been taking my cod liver oil daily, but DH still won't touch the stuff. Silly man.

We finally, last night, decided that my scheduled driving lesson time is going to be after church on Sunday afternoons. Yippee! First lesson is this weekend.

We haven't talked about our budget yet because our budget meeting was cancelled due to respectively crappy days had by both committee members. Boo. We're rescheduling and will still get it done within January.

I have completely failed at getting anything crafty done. Of my lofty goal I set for this month, I have accomplished about 4%. Yay me.

We have not gotten a realtor yet. I think I'm going to start asking around to see if I can find a friend of a friend or at least someone who one of my friends used and had a good experience with. Also, I saw a house I *loved* online but when I called about they said it was already under contract. Sad.

I did finalize my plans for my balcony garden this weekend! And my seeds came on Friday. I still need a few basic gardening supplies like bone meal and probably clippers and gloves, but my plan is ready. Oh, I also still need dirt. Detail, details.

I have sold 2 books on Amazon so far, and hopefully tonight after work I can post the rest of the stuff I'm going sell on Craigslist and hopefully I will get some of this crap out of here. I am still determined to get rid of all of this crap on February 1st regardless so, I really need to get moving if I want to make a few bucks instead of just pitching it.

I have started on my posture, but not full-on yet. I'm more aware of it now that I've listed it as one of the things I'd like to resume, but I haven't resumed my mini goals with it. Maybe that will be for tomorrow as well.

Also, I've been toying with the idea of posting my meal plans to help keep me on track. For those of you who post your meal plans, do you think it's a useful reminder or is it just a nuisance?

I've also been thinking I need to get back to posting about my groceries. Like I said I've been awful lately and kind of ashamed at the amount I've been spending (hence the lack of grocery posts). I've been kind of putting it off until we have our budget meeting to figure out where we actually should be with groceries.

PS, our Christmas tree is still up. This needs to happen by the end of January. Seriously.

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