Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Life Awareness

Well, it's a fact, I am crabby on Mondays. The weekend always goes too fast and I'm left staring at my phone asking why it is telling me to get up and go to work. Well, this prompted me to start focusing on being aware of all the good in my life. So every Monday, I'll be posting something that I am thankful for. Hopefully this will get me in the habit of being grateful even when I am cranky and hopefully will counteract the acute "case of the Mondays" I seem to contract every week.

Today I am thankful to have the opportunity to help those less fortunate. My husband and I are up extra early because we are going with our small group to go serve breakfast at one of the homeless shelters in our city. So even though it's very early and I am a bit sleepier than usual, I am glad of the reason (for once). There are a couple of reasons why I am excited about today.

For one, it's been a while since I've volunteered anywhere. I enjoy helping people, but I haven't done that in a while. I believe it is right to help people and even though this is a pretty small act, it is still one that needs to be done. The shelter we are working with said they pretty much never get volunteers to serve breakfast on Monday mornings, so we are filling a need.

For another thing, a good dose of perspective does the heart good. Sometimes I get caught up in the material things, forgetting what I'm called to do as a Christian. So I'm thinking about what it would be like to be homeless out in this snowy winter we've all had and it makes me extra grateful for my cramped cozy one bedroom apartment.

Finally, I am excited about today because of the opportunity to grow with people. Sometimes I feel like I have trouble connecting with my small group because I am shy in a "sit and talk" setting. Hopefully this will give us the opportunity to bond a little bit. Or at least it will give us a shared memory, which still helps with the whole friendship thing.

Alright, I didn't have as much time as I wanted to write this entry, but I have to leave soon!


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