Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well, I am currently battling a cold. I just took some nyquil, not thinking that I've also had most of a beer already tonight... Do not try this at home, kids. Actually, don't try this anywhere except maybe home, and only when you're not leaving home at all for the rest of the night. The drums in the music I'm listening to are definitely throbbing against all the congestion in my head. Drugs? Who needs drugs? I apologize in advance for the ludicrity of this post (yes, that is a word).

Um, apart from that, here's what I have going on in the way of goals for 2011. First off, my husband loves me, a lot. He hates doing "resolutions," but put up with setting "loose planning goals" for this year just for me. Yes I am very loved.

Our goals as a family include the following:
Continue eating better
Plan out / start the journey of weight loss for Hubby
Me to get my license!!!!!!
Move into a house?
Finance stuff
Personal Goals -- Me only

Each of these goals breaks down into different bits and pieces, which I feel is better than just leaving them as nebulous "eat better" goals. I want some meat to my goals, haha.

To continue eating better, I want to
eat more fermented foods for digestive / general health
reduce our white flour / white sugar intake
cut out soda completely
eat breakfast everyday
take cod liver oil (a supplement) every day

Still working on this.
I read an interesting thing which was 6 weeks of normal diet alternated with 2 weeks of weight loss diet. I liked the idea of it because it's not so much about crazy, dangerous dieting as it is for gradual, healthy weightloss. More to come as I learn more.

for this I intend to start practicing once a week (weather permitting).
Hopefully I can take my test in March by the latest.

This is sort of a dreaming goal and I realize that. I haven't told my family because I think they'll think I'm nuts. But we're slowly building our down payment...
If we don't move into a house by the end of December 31st, I'm really not going to flip a lid. But I do want to try.
Sub goals include getting a realtor, identifying "needs" and "wants" and reaffirming our price range. Also we want to find a reliable inspector.

We want to (obviously) finish our house down payment.
Finish our Car replacement fund. We are 1/3 to 1/2 way there.
Work on reducing food expenses.
Make more homemade Christmas gifts to reduce Christmas spending

Personal Goals
Ok this will change all the time, but for now this includes doing more crafty things and getting rid of extraneous things.


  1. wow, great list...I should steal one or two of 'em. and my hubby would rather eat a nail than make a NY resolution, so yours must really love you! ;)

  2. Thanks, glad you liked it. I did this with little forethought, so they will invariably change... but what's the point of goals if they can't be fluid? Wouldn't it be silly if you made goals and regardless of life / interest changes kept on? ... Or maybe that's just the definition of persistence. Rats.

    Hmm, had I given him the option, I'm sure he would have eaten the nail!