Monday, August 30, 2010


Whirl is a weird word. Just recently I've been seeing it crop up in a most unexpected place. Up until now, I've only seen it used in the past-tense or as a noun(?). But recently, I've been reading a LOT of canning blogs**, and in that culture, they use it in place of "blend," "chop," and "process" depending on which kitchen appliance they are talking about. I just read about Someone who said this about some apples in a recipe she was making: "I whirl mine through the food processor." I've seen it several other places, but this is the one I had open at the moment that made me think about this weird word.

I just find it interesting. That is all.

PS, I think next summer I may join the crazy canning community, it looks like a whirl of fun.

get it?

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