Monday, August 30, 2010

Sometimes I can't help myself...

I love coffee cake. I haven't had any really good coffee cake in a long time, and until just recently I had pretty much forgotten about my addiction.

Then one day I was flipping through my beloved 1975 edition Joy of Cooking and saw it: A recipe for a quick coffee cake. I was mesmerized by memories of well, coffee cake (what can I say, I REALLY love food).

So I whipped up a batch and threw it in the oven...

This is probably the best coffee cake I have ever had. It's not too sweet, but it has a lovely cinnamon streusel on top of it--delicious.

So this morning, as I'm enjoying a piece from my second pan of coffee cake in 2 weeks, I decide to figure out how much this addiction is going to cost me.

Here's the breakdown:
1.5 cups ww flour = $0.27
1/2-3/4 cups white sugar = $0.8
1 egg = $0.8
2/3 cup milk = $0.10
7 tbsp butter = $0.43 (some in the batter, some in the streusel)
some cinnamon = $0.05 (guessing here)
1 tsp vanilla = $0.05
2 tsps baking powder = $0.02

For a grand total of $1.08, plus maybe $0.020 for electricity for my oven (guessing here, too).

So, for an 8x8 pan of AWESOME which lasts me over a week of breakfasts, it only costs me $1.28.

I heart cooking my own food.

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