Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Groceries :(

Ok. First the good news: I am so blessed with good friends. Last week (ahem, and a half)? The week where I disappeared from the blogosphere? The week where I didn't have time to sleep let alone cook? Yes, that week, some of my friends at the school I work for had lots of extra meals and easily bought my husband and I 5 or 6 meals each. It was such a blessing not to have to eat out every night and not to have use time on cooking instead of homework. And did I say this was free for us? It was such a blessing.

Now, the bad news. I might have gone a tad overboard grocery shopping this week. I was kind of excited. I also realized I haven't posted about my groceries since... mid last month. Fail.

I also lost the piece of paper that I had written my grocery totals on and don't feel like looking it up. So, this is the approximate, guesstimate, sort of close, grocery post list.

whole foods - $30 (2-3x)
whole foods - $85

So, I'm around $180 ish.

I got so excited when I went grocery shopping on Sunday. I bought fruit and more fruit, potatoes and carrots... a nice fresh chicken and amazing eggs from the farmer's market.

It was worth it! I will post about what's been cooking later. I really will. I know I've been scarce even though school is done, that's because I keep doing ridiculous things at work like deleting portions of a website and then having the restore for whatever reason make 30 links broken which I then had to fix by hand.

That's my story.

But my chicken tasted awesome. :)

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